It's Not The End Of The Effing World

It was a last minute idea; it doesn't matter if it's not done on Friday- even when I do it Saturday- everyone will still ******* see it Monday.

I'm putting in more hours than I should. Don't keep coming up with these 'great ideas' that cause more work for everyone if you don't want us to work overtime. Cut the **** back.

Streamline ****. If you want something done, and don't like how anyone else does it, then do it yourself. GET YOUR OWN ******* ****.

My apologies that I have better things to do; I actually have a life. I am not going to be stuck in this low-end job forever; unlike you. I'm sure you'll be here again next year. Congrats, kiddo.

I'm working on Saturday. No, I'm not going to come in for a 20 minute meeting. **** you, schedule things better. Send out the agenda earlier, you moron.
noneedfornames noneedfornames
Dec 14, 2012