He Makes Me Nervous

This year for Christmas my husband and I decided we were going to buy ourselved a tablet. I told him he'd have to make the final decision because he knows a lot more about anything tecnincal than I do.

He started looking for one. He found one. He ordered it. Problem is, he ordered it from a website that I've never heard of, and when I asked him how he found it, he said it was linked from a different website that his co-worker orders things from all the time. And because it was a "sponcered link" from the website his co-worker uses, he assumed that this other website would be legit, too.

Well, I was pretty upset, because I'm thinking he just spent a couple hundred bucks and something I don't even know is going to be worth it! I looked up the website (icemonkey.com) on scampbook and scamadviser and it seems legit. Some other reviews I found are split between being a bad or good. Either way, he ordered the tablet Monday night. The credit card was charged on Wednesday night. And here Friday morning the order is still "processing". The website states that processing can take normally 1-4 business days before the product it shipped, and today would be the 4th business day. So, I'm not too concerned just yet, but it's getting down to the wire.

He just drives me crazy!! He's always had a very..."la-ti-da-everything-will-be-fine" attitude about money. That can be good, but when you drop $200 on one item on a website you've never used...it can be irksome.

Maybe I'm over-reacting. We'll see when we get our tablet I guess.
Natesbabydoll Natesbabydoll
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Well, it's the 5th business day and it's still 'processing.' I think i'm aloud to throw a fit now.

Time will tell that is for sure and the time is almost up.4th day so you will know soon.