All The Things That Happen In A Week.

I'm left a walking bomb of emotion.
I zone and snap back to reality,
fists balled up at my sides.
Luckily for now no one notices.

I have random bruises on my side i have to hide, on the opposite side my ribs hurt by the slightesy touch.

I cried in school for the first time ever, no one cared, no one asked what was wrong. I broke down, i think i'm getting closer to my breaking point.

My cousin who made me waste away for 7 years has gone to court today because over this summer of 2012 he got molested by his friends gramps. I think its karma. I dont think its a good thing for him to have to suffer it but at the same time i wish he should have to dealt with it longer. Hes on pills for depression, its ok for him to be stressed. Ha, i'm depressed, i get no help, i can't sleep, no help, i burn myself, no one notices, i cry, no one asks why.

I've been getting dizzy to where i just wanna lay on the ground amd
Cry because the walls wont stop spinning.

My first swim meet is this monday 12/17/12. I'm nervous.

I don't think i'm safe at home anymore.

Well this is my update.
Teddy15 Teddy15
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012