Oh My God It's Such A Relief.

So a while back in September I met this girl on here. She was a really interesting girl and we got a bit closer and emailed each other. For the first few weeks of talking to her I was thrilled to be talking to her, euphoric. After that wore off I noticed how clingy, whiny, annoying and insecure she was. I tried to bear through it thinking "well I guess everyone has their flaws". We emailed eachother everyday and if I didn't email her for a few days, she would get all pissed if I didn't. Whenever we did talk, she would think I'm ignoring her if I didn't reply when I literally just got the email 3 minutes ago. She even thought i was her boyfriend at one point but i put an end to what she thought. She would always talk about her constant drama and family problems and I was fine with it for a while, I tried to talk her through it but nothing worked. It was like she would tell me about how depressing her day was expecting me to patronize her (I did t want to be talking to someone who was gonna bum me out) and after all that she's still depressed and tells me yet another story of her "depressing" life. It was like a non stop book of misfortunes. She never even had any real problems. They were as stupid as "he said something really mean to me". I jut thought "well ****, what do you want me to do about it I'm all the way across the country and your telling me this why?" When we would email each other, it was a loop. We would say the same things and ask the same things,everyday. it was annoying and boring. If i didn't talk to her she would tell me i was just like every other guy that has talked to her and left her....*sigh* you know the rant. I don't even know why she acted like this, it wasn't like we were married or something. We have since stopped talking and I feel like such a load of stress has been lifted. I don't have to wait for that email and dread having to talk to her for the whole day and listen to her problems everyday. You know how when your wearing lots of heavy clothes and you can't move very well and feel uncomfortable well thats how it felt being trapped having to talk to her. not having to talk to her feels like wearing loose comfortable clothes haha.. I'm not trying to sound like I'm incapable of listening to someone's problems but this girl had so many problems and was so difficult to have an engaging conversation with. This is my rant.
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

aww this is sad lol i kinda feel bad for her...im also wondering if she read this and said something to you about it?

oh well maybe i dont feel as bad for her now haha... now im feeling bad for you that you had to deal her!