This appears to be an appropriate group for this, so here goes...I HATE ACADAMIA! The hubby and I have been in disagreement over me going for a Doctorate degree. He is getting his, and in his wisdom, thinks I need to get mine too. I did graduate with a 3.8 avg. in my Master's degree and a 3.5 with my Bachelor's though I admit to being an underachiever in high school.

Anyway, since I am sooooooo smart, I am wasting my God-given gift of intellect if I don't continue my education. He says, "How can you be a teacher if you don't like learning?"

I told him I have no problem with learning, but there is more to life than studying and writing papers. My children are growing so fast and will be gone before I know it. I will not have my head in books and miss out on time with them. Maybe he should just cuddle up with his degree.

OK, That's all.
pamelamc pamelamc
41-45, F
Dec 16, 2012