I Think Im In Love With My Bestfriend ?

So i may be a little young for this site , but i just need to get this all of my chest and i really want someone to talk to (besides my friends because well i really cant) . So im 16 and me and my boyfriend just broke up like a week ago . I knew my bestfriend (a guy) has liked me for a while and when we broke up he got really happy cause we could hang again or whatever . So in the past week i have developed feelings for him . But i think they have been there before , for example he told me he liked my bestfriend (when he really didnt ) just to get my jealous . & i was very jealous. and i know he likes me, but i dont know if i like him or not, will someone please reply so i can talk about this in more detail ? Thank you !
em9894 em9894
18-21, F
Jan 7, 2013