Girlfriends Secrets Are Killing Me...

Well, yesterday went just great. Everything seemed to be perfect as I got in bed near 12:45 or so. I was about to call it a night, when I accidentally popped up my girlfriends e-mail address on Facebook. I thought “huh.. I’ll check it out.” (since I have her password) I opened up the page and I decided to look and see who she had been messaging, I figured I would be fine. Well, I saw that she had talked to one of our best friends from college. I should interject that recently I made a decision to change colleges. Earlier in that day, I told this friend about my decision. So when I saw her name in the messages, I decided to read them, hoping to find out how my girlfriend truly felt about my decision.

Before we go any farther, I should let you know I’m a conservative Christian. I’m just a teenager. So, I don’t drink. But my girlfriend has other convictions (which is fine), and she does. The thing is she knows it bugs me when she does. Everytime she drinks I want her to tell me (and I've made sure she knows that). Well, when I read these messages, I discovered she had been drinking at their work bar. It seemed fishy when she texted me that she was “talking to her manager” whom she always has hated and tries avoiding, but I trusted her and thought nothing of it. On top of not telling me, she explicitly tells her friend not to tell me because I’ll “be pissed.” The thing that almost bugs me more than this was what she said early in the conversation. I had asked my girlfriend to skype with me but she said she wasn’t up for it and that we maybe could tomorrow, but when her friend asked to skype tomorrow she responded with “how about tonight??” Not only do I feel betrayed by her, I also feel like she’s closer with all of her friends than she is with me. That is my good, turned terrible night. What would you do? How would you respond?
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Jan 14, 2013