Life Is Meaningless

Life is meaningless. Life is merely data that is distributed from one organism to another. Everything is just a construct of data. Humans are just pathetic, programmed piles of data and they act based on codes given to them by the code master, or the brain. Without the codes we are useless. We are no different than robots who are also given codes to act the way they were programmed. So what of feelings and free will? Feelings are just chemicals in the brain distributed to different nerves in the brain that programs us to act a certain way given whatever stimulus triggers this emotion to occur. Just a transfer of data. And free will? The belief that just because we act whatever way we desire, and that we may chose our own paths in life must signify that we possess free will is just an illusion. The very ones programmed to believe that spread such barbaric lies. We are just programmed to carry out what we truly desire. In reality we are clouded by our puppet master and are unaware of the strings that control our lives. Data is everything. Our own DNA consists of codes to explain who we truly are. The only difference between humans and a robot is that our codes aren't abstract.
Why were we programmed to suffer? Why did we have an unfair advantage in the very beginning? Why do we pay for the mistakes of others? WHY? Our creator knows nothing of our pain. He can only relate, but can never know what true pain is. Losing his son who came to Earth is no real pain. Especially the fact that he will get to rule the universe for a millennia for a price of just 34 years on Earth. He was programmed to be perfect and such obviously never failed. Our first fathers were perfect but were never given a chance to rule neither ever had experience to pain or imperfection. So again why did we have to suffer in the beginning? If our creator didn't know that this would occur then is all the knowledge in the universe meaningless too? It couldn't stop something small from becoming something catastrophic. Would infinite knowledge not be able to overcome possibility or chance? If truly one name is greater than the deaths of billions then there is no reason to live. Is that how true love is governed by. If your greater than someone else they must sacrifice themselves for you? That is why life is flawed. This entire universe is flawed, no matter who governs it. Humans will still die even if they get a chance to live eternally. Even if they don't why would death even be a factor in the new world. If someone should die, would that mean that the judge was wrong to grant them the hope that they have been waiting for their entire life and ***** it away from them just to keep their name clean?
If someone decides to rid themselves of their own life why would it be wrong? Would you call it suicide if a man were to jump off a tall building to escape a fire? All thinking and ideas are flawed. Anything in this universe can backfire. Everything is flawed. All is flawed. Why continue to grieve? Happiness is just an illusion; A state of mind. Nothing more; Nothing less. Just as emptiness, loneliness, sadness. Being two faced is no lie. Living life is the ultimate lie! Now, what does your programming tell you to do? Live, Die? Continue life full of pain just to resent your past and regret yourself? Do you like the darkness? How will you escape it?
I wish to be in another world. No another universe. No, another Everything! Someplace where I can see nothing but a white horizon. Where there are no flaws. No imperfections. No pain.
I want to fly. Be able to fly in the great blue sky. In the very darkness of space. Discover other galaxies and planets.Touch the very Sun. See the stars, nebulas, and be lost in space forever. Be able to hear beautiful hymns echoed throughout all of space. Just peaceful.
That is where I wish to be. I have no need to keep on living. I just wish to log out of this world. Even if my fantasies are false realities allow me to feel them. They are the only inner peace that I have left in this universe. So then, farewell universe. Goodbye!
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 14, 2013