Love Is A Terrible Terrible Thing....

This guy and I have been talking for a few weeks now right? He's super sweet to me he calls me beautiful, he texts me ON THE DOT at 3 every day after school, and I am really beginning to fall for him at this point okay? So we hang out a couple times, nothing happens i'm not really that kind of girl that just gives it all up on the first date or whatever, and everything is going great. After every time we hangout he texts me right after wards "I had a great time with you today beautiful(:" or some **** like that. So today, I go on Facebook to learn that him and some other chick hooked up two days ago. Naturally I fall apart and start crying, like honest to God why me, why can't I have a cute (lasting) relationship with a guy, like what the **** is wrong with me? Just because I don't have huge **** means I can't keep a guy I guess, well from my generation that seems to be whats up. Ughghhghggkdrgj I'm just so frustrated and angry and whatever, someone, anyone please please give me some moral support over here :((((
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Jan 23, 2013