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EP is a wonderful place to share opinions, information and friendships. The range of diverse backgrounds, life experiences and opinions is remarkable and awesome. Some very deeply felt beliefs are examined from all points of view. What brings it down somewhat is an ongoing practice of feuding "clans" riding around looking for a member of an opposing clan to dare make an utterance. The resulting hostilities resembles nothing so much as a bunch of monkeys flinging verbal scat at each other.

Fine, good, if that's what EP is for them, so be it. My objection is when people feel free to bring these antics to other, non aligned member's pages, often at great length. A few sentences or a paragraph to state ones case is not what I'm griping about. Its when paragraph after paragraph is rolled out, restating ideas and positions that have been stated elsewhere. Then comes the counter attack, in equal verbosity. Like I said, on your own pages, fine, excellent. But is just plain rude to bring it to someone who you don't know or who object's to their story being taken over. Besides that, a person SHOULD feel perfectly free to voice an opinion one way or another on a topic without being savaged by people who routinely ignore the EP mantra of authenticity, support and respect if their writing meets that criteria.

Lest I be yelled at for trying to stifle debate, I'm not. What I'm saying is, don't take over an unwilling members platform to go a fussing & a feuding and keep it civil. Thank you, enjoy your day.

ineedadrink ineedadrink 41-45, M 7 Responses Jan 27, 2013

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Thanks for writing this. I agree with this 100%. That crap happens all the time here.

I fairly agree. Others take it too far, loving drama itself. =((

Right on!!

Very well put! Awesome piece of writing right here!

I agree...thanks for sayin' it!

Bravo! You're right on target with this... I hope some will read and reconsider their ways...

I third! :) Well said.