The Wall

Oh how i need to vent... but where do i begin ?? 

First I need a wall... Yes... one i could repeatedly bash my head against without getting hurt... YEAH .. A portable wall i could carry in my pocket that i can pull out and use when i need..... hmmmm like a pop up one... that when released will POP ready for full on head slammin action....   Yeah then i could fold it away and use it again... and again... Who needs ten deep breaths....." Here ya go mate... use my wall... its good for 6 more !! "

Oh and then it'll come with its own carry case... Just incase ya don't have a pocket ..

HA HAhahahah  hmmmm yes.... (SIGH).... YUP 

caroli9 caroli9
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13 Responses May 29, 2007

Love your idea, and it just made me smile after a bad day. Thank you!

straight jackets are more fun and comfortable

I LOVE IT, I need a wall too!! Except I want one I can KICK repeatedly! Taking ten breaths never works for me, it just gives me a little bit longer to think about what I'm angry about.

We actually broke the wall at my old work! Now, I just carry around a target I drew with markers! LOL

It wouldn't be hard enough for you blue. lol

Sure .. just slide your hand under the fridge and its yours ... err .. Its quite safe : ) really

I could use this wall about twice a week please.

Oh just great ... how do i get my wall back now ? Oh and Surprise .. Surprise Im all out of Flyspray too .. Just fantastic

LOL, that's where that big spider went.

That is indeed so true vardo5 ... I took out the wall, went to bang my head on it .. and it fell out of my hands and slid under the fridge.

Then you'd lose the thing because it's so conveniently portable and really want to bang your head! Murphy's Law i guess.

I've used the wall before... I'm sure 10 deep breaths work far better though

yup ... for sure