So I'm A B*tch. Really Now?

I posted something similar to this yesterday as a comment in another group to something that offended me referring to abusers. As I tnought about what I wrote, I realized those same things apply in my home when I'm called a b*tch.

Dear hubby,

This b*tch washes and irons your clothes.
This b*tch does most of the housework without asking for you to help.
This b*tch bit her tongue when a church member used the "n word"
around our biracial son out of fear you would get fired.
This b*tch drove 2 hours to bring you a book you forgot for class.
This b*tch gets up at 5:30 to fix breakfast and get the children
ready for school while you sleep
This b*tch takes care of the taxes.
This b*tch keeps the bills paid on time.
This b*tch keeps up with your oil changes.
This b*tch has given up 2 wonderful teaching jobs to move with you.
This b*tch runs church errands for you.
This b*tch didn't complain when we had to come back from
vacation early so you could preach a funeral.
This b*tch helps type your papers
This b*tch worked 2 jobs so you could go to school and not work.

Just my vent for tonight.
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7 Responses Feb 19, 2013

No, as I call it your SUPER WOMAN. You are not allowed to get sick or have a headach because everyone needs something from you.You forgot you are a doctor, therapist, handyman, maid, lover, and of course you know everything you have to have an answer gor everything. If you aren't home one day, his world and your kids would be chaos.

Thanks =)

He is mostly the handyman, but I did change the float thingy in the toilet once.

As another poster said, you are not a b*tch at all, it sounds like your guy isn't worthy of you what so ever. And I'd say, (as a guy) you have every right to be angry about the situation. Try to find someone that treats you and your kids right :)

Hi, you sound pretty angry but not ready for the change. Am I right?

You've made my day

Wow! Where can I get me a b*itch like this? ;-)

PS, I have always wanted to ask if those are really your feet?

Yes, right after my pedi. wearing my "******** shoes."

What? You gotta be kidding me...that is wholly unacceptable. I don't know where you live but I will be glad to confront him face to face on your behalf. That is chicken to talk to you like that. Girl, we need to talk further about this. You don't need EP you need Guido. PM me for real if you want some help.

Thanks =) I'll let you know if I need back up.