I am so dang tired of having to put up with so much BS all around! I'm so dang mad right now I can hit my dang ex over the head with a dang ball peen hammer!!!!!
Today is just the wrong cotton pickin day to start any crap with me. When he started his usual BS, I can't believe I jumped back at him like I did. I put up with so much crap!!! I sick to death of the dang BS, day after day and month after month. For Christmas, I'm buying him a pallet full of Kleenex.
I try my dang hardest to get along with the sap sucker, yet I would rather pull teeth from my mouth. He's an asss!!!!
Good Lord!!! No wonder why the world is going gay!!!! With men like that, women turn to women and guys has no other option but to turn to their own!!! I better quit! Grr. (This is only a vent. No intentions of blaming anyone other than the dumbass at fault. Explanation of gay was not to be used to make fun of them, or talk about them in any negative way. NOTE, not all men are A-Holes, so this wasn't meant to be towards all men).
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At least you know a good hammer,when you see it:)

That's pretty good, you're still nice to your ex. Consider the things you already done to me. They are brutal!!! LOL!!!

Ofc, buddy. Pat on the back, while you are drinking a soda, and it spilled all over you. LOL!!! got you! :P

* plays dead *

* still dead *

* Got up, oh! gee, you sure have bad breath * LOL!!!

You sure it's not the Chinese food you been eating? LOL!!!! HA!

Crawfish is gross. Now where did I get that smell? From you? Lol!!!

Some Chinese food is also pretty nasty. LOL!!! Hahaha!!!

Okay, Okay, I won't say anything bad about Chinese food anymore. I'll add you tomorrow so you can check out some Chinese food pics in my profile. Deal my friend? :)

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You're even considerate in your vent! It's not hard to tell you're a sweetie. Try not to let him stress you out like that : )

I know what you mean. Don't worry, all will be okay. Just try to focus on being your peaceful self and not letting anyone interfere with that. I know it's easier said than done, but I know you can do it : )
Telling myself the same thing lol

My pleasure : )

Is this a person you live with?