I am really nerves like stomach in knots and just need to vent. Tomorrow really early in the morning I have an upper GI Endoscopy I bet I just butchered that word! Anyways I am kind of nerves! I was talking to my dad about it on the phone tonight, I am his little girl (even if I am not the youngest lol) he worries about me and he kept insisting on bringing me and I kept telling him I was going to be just fine! (I don't feel the same) I am kind of scared. I know they do this all the time it's not any "major" surgery they said I will be awake but they will give me something that makes me kind of just not know whats going on and forget that is what freaks me out the most! My friend is bringing me and that is nice considering him and I never do anything together outside of my home LOL what a great way to start going out...NOT! I am just going to be happy to have answers to what is going on with me. I have heartburn all the time, I feel ok but then I eat and I feel sick for hours after! Its horrible even drinking water makes me feel yuck! They think it's a ulcer but they want to be 100% sure. I have had stomach issues ever scenes I gave birth it's terrible. Like I said I will be happy to just have answers! Plus I get the remainder of the day off so that will be nice, what is not nice is having to do a lot of work from work tonight.

Why do I worry so much when I know it is such a inconsequential surgery. Maybe I just am a "worry wart" by my nature or maybe I just am nerves because the last time I had any big thing occur was labor.

I am really lucky for supportive family and friends. Although a lot of them are not helping me bring me beer LOL but my office mate and a best friend of mine brought over flowers and that made me feel really good that they think so well of me. My brother was the best tho bringing me Mexican for "my last meal" because I can't eat after 9. BECAUSE THAT HELPS HEARTBURN LOL. I love my family I do, I am also lucky to have friends and the friend I do who is going to wait for me. Ugh 6am is going to come too soon but I should be out and home by 10 so that is not all that bad I guess. I am just needing to vent. I think for my friends and family I do not want to show I am anxious and mostly because I do not want to seem like a whip over something so small.

Anyways thanks for letting me vent now I probably look like such a wimp :)-

Deep breaths right :)

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