I have to go to court on the 12th to help my best friend take away my sisters kids. Before I get into all of that I want to explain why such action as to take place.  For starters my sister has three wonderful kids.  My sister has been living off the system her whole entire life. I know that she couldn't control it when we were kids, but I would think she would want  to do better for her own children. We had a very hard childhood but, in order to change things you have to change yourself. Anyway back to what I was starting to talk about. She has a three year old son a two year old daughter and a seven months old little baby boy. Ever since my first nephew was born she has been on welfare. He is going to be six in Aug. Don't get me wrong  I am not making fun of the people out there that have to be on  state aid. There is a big difference in needing help but when it comes to abusing the system that just isn't right at all. My sister has the state of NJ pay for her housing and food. When she doesn't even want to take care of her children.  Her older son is living with his father and grandmother.  As fir her daughter She was living with me up until her mother called me and told me that she stopped using drugs and had gotten her life on track again. I believed her. I handed my sweet little angel back over to her mother. A few days later to get a phone call to pick up that baby but at the time I didn't have the means or the place to take my little angel cause I just packed up and left the place I was staying at... I will get into that a another time. I was then staying in a motel room and I didn't think that was a place to keep a little baby girl. Plus I had no one to watch her when I had to go to work. I trusted a  friend in a co worker with her next minute FYFS got involved. I later found out that my sister never went to pick up her daughter at my friends house .  Anyway I lost almost a year of her life. My sister put on a good show for DFYFS cause my little angel was returned home after 10 months. Than I found out that she was going to have yet another baby that she couldn't care for.  The youngest child was born in July my neice was returned home on Nov 3. My best friend has had my youngest nephew since we picked him up from the hospital. When my neice was returned home my sister had her for only 24 hours before she called my bestfriend and told her that she made a mistake and than told her on the phone that should have never fought for her daughter to get return home. She told her that she didn't want any one of her kids at that moment in time. So anyway my bestfrined her mom and me have been supporting both kids. My sister is still getting money and now is getting a three bedroom apartment from the state. She doesn't get anything for any of her kids. I called her a few times and asked her for some help with buying diapers for the kids and all she said is that she doesn't have the money. I can't understand that cause she doesn't pay rent and she also gets food stamps from the state.  She doesn't ask if the kids need anything. She don't even buy food for them.  So now she knows that she us going to lose the kids now she wants them. She only wants them cause she will no longer get as much money and she will lose her three bedroom apartment cause she will not need something that big. It hurts me cause my family thinks that I am the one who is ******* up everything. I am not wrong cause. I don't think I am wrong cause I believe that the kids need a place that is safe and is surrounded by people that love them. They need people in there life that will be there for them no matter what. When you haven children you have to grow up and my sister never did. Everything has to be about her no matter the cost. I don't want my my bloodline to have to grow up in the system if they don't have to. I want nothing but the best for my sister's three little angels. I want them to have a better life than what I had when I was a child. I would love it if my sister just stop thinking about her own needs and start to put her kids first. Instead she has started doing what ever she wants to do. I know that apart of her might truly miss her kids but not for the reasons she should

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You're right! Your sister doesn't need to have anything to do with those kids. She was never a mother to them. She just uses them so she doesn't have to work. I know it's hard for you, but rest your pretty little head. Things will work out. And I will always be here for you, you know that. Love you chickie!