My friend is so spoiled! I love her to death, but seriously?

So I was eating my lunch today at school. She already knows I'm poor as ****!
I go to school with financial aid, and that's all I can go to school with. I have a low wage job, and do whatever I can to save, but that's not much!

So I can't afford lunch at school everyday. I brought a frickin poptart to school, and while she has a $20 to buy herself lunch, she sits down, nearly finishes her food, and asks me for my poptart?
Are you kidding?
I have literally starved all day and can't afford lunch and you're going to ask me for my poptart when you have enough money to buy us both 2 entire school meals each?

Nah, I'm not going to ask you to pay for my lunch because I have my own food....SO DON'T ASK ME FOR MY FOOD!
RayniiDays RayniiDays
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2 Responses Aug 28, 2014

It doesn't seem like she fully understands the magnitude of your financial situation. If that happens again, you should try to find a way to kindly tell her that you're not in a position to share or lightly suggest that she get her own poptart :p