Stupid Thoughts

I dont even know why i need to vent, its rare for me to need to write sh*t down...but today its overwhelming.

This is probly just going to repeat what ive written in other groups today, but i dont care. I dont even get it, im not angry. I had a good weekend, a really good one, but here i am needing to write about nothing. It doesnt really make any sence.

Is there ever a point where sh*t just makes sence? there a place in life you get to where you just know whats acaully going on, and KNOW what you want/need to do. Im flying blind, and have been for ages, its p*ssing me off.

If your not given a map i guess you try to make your own, but half the battle is trying to figure out your destination, or where you want to be. how can you make a plan/map for yourself if your going nowhere, and have no idea where you want to go. Theres just no sence in it. Its Bullsh*t how we arnt given anything, how we have to decide what we want, i mean freedom is great...thats not what i mean. But if you drop someone in a massive maze...they can only try to find thier way out for so long. Some just know how to get out, others just manage to find find thier way out, and then there are those who are just so overwhelmed by the whole thing that they give up.

Im not sure where im at. I dont really care either, Its kinda that way for me...i just dont care, about anything, where im going, where ive been, where i should go...Who cares anymore, i dont. I guess i never drew my map, cuz i had no destination...So what happens here?? will it become clear one day?? I dont even care about the answer to that.

Generally your parents give you a path..a map and guidence to get there, but if you make the mistake of throwing what they give you away to make your own path, well...your pretty f****d, like me. This is where i am. Im on a road, no map, and i dont even know if i like it. But what can you do?? it comes down to staying on this road im unsure of, or drifting again wasting life doing nothing. At this point id like to advise NOT dropping out of school...

The problem with trying to make your own way through things is you often cant see what your best option is, and will probably take the wrong path...a few times, maybe perminatly. Are we meant to be guided through this mess?? other than parents who can really help you...i dont think anyone can really. But then again you dont know if you need the help or not, cuz you just dont know what path your just cant win...





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26-30, M
Mar 22, 2009