My Grandmother has been getting on my nerves all week…not that it is anything so unusual but just with all that has been going on with our dogs she is extra ******* me off!

First I will say I understand her worry for her dog, however her dog is at a lesser risk then mine is for this Parovirus but she is acting like my dog is in no danger and her dog is on her death bed. She has been rude and generally unconcerned about my dog. She doesn’t care that my dog is in great danger of being deathly ill! If she does she isn’t showing it.


Being that this all truly started on Sunday I will start there. My Father in Law’s puppy Peanut died of Parvo, a very deadly dog virus that once it has hold of the dog is hard if not impossible to save the puppy. It can be survived by dogs…sometimes when it is in later stages it can be survived but it is costly and you still do not have 100% assurance that the dog will live. That is what happened in Peanut’s case, she was to far gone and her chances of living were slim to none by the time it was known that she needed to go to the vets. Basically it would have taken thousands of dollars to save her, that is if she could have been saved. At that point money would have been wasted because she would have died anyway. I was with her when she passed at the emergency vets…rough day.


Well then we have the issue of my dog and my grandmother’s dog. My grandma’s dog is older and has had all her shots…the problem there was that she was behind on boosters. Her dog is still at a much lesser risk then my dog for having had all her shots just not boosters and because she was in less contact with the infected dog Peanut (when I say lesser I mean very little if any). Her age also factors in as puppies are more likely to get it….Brandy (grandma’s dog) is around 8 years old. My puppy Leia , however, was in full 24/7 contact with Peanut for everyday except Friday and Sunday starting that Tuesday. She had only had her first set of shots (now has 2); she is around 7-8 months old and has a breed in her that is susceptible to parvo.  Peanut stayed in the area of the house that we keep our dog….Peanut vomited and **** in places that Brandy would never have been and never will be around, Leia was. Leia has MANy factors against her.


Monday we took our dogs to the vets, Brandy was less of a concern even to the vets she was simply there for a regular check up and her vaccines. Leia was there because they wanted to test her pooh and then give her vaccines (even though that may have been pointless) she was also put on medicines for diarrhea and something I guess that will lessen her chances but not eliminate them. My grandmother was on my nerves the whole day with this….first off she made the appointments that morning, I was told that she was going to set one up for my dog as well…but when she should have spoken to me she didn’t…instead my mother called me and told me that my dog didn’t need to go in! Well that was a bunch of bull… I called the vet back and asked them what was going on, they DID want to see my puppy! My grandma knew what they had said and just assumed it was nothing and told me I didn’t need to go! Of all the things to tell me that day! GRR… anyway When we got there she rushed ahead of me to get her dog in first, then she confused the poor receptionist and we ended up going in at the same time in the same room…which was not a good thing to have happen. Thankfully my mom was there to be he strong one in the room and that alone will keep my grandmothers mouth closed. Anyway on the way home no one waited for me, which was fine I didn’t care. Later while talking to my grandma she claims to have been waiting on me to follow her down this one road and that she seen me pass her…. Not really possible considering how far ahead she was from me, I never once seen her car and I was looking! But you can’t tell her that she was mistaken. THEN while in conversation with her later on she tells me that I can’t be as attatched to my dog as she is to hers because I have not had my dog as long as she has had hers!!!!! WHAT!? I love my dog GREATLY…yes I have only had her for a few months but that bond isn’t like human bond that takes a while to really stick. I love my dog, I am very worried about her and my mother knows how upset I was knowing that she could get sick. This is like telling someone who has only smoked for a year that they are not as addicted to it as someone who has smoked for 5 years! It is simply not a true statement!  (it is more about personality but that is another topic) It just burns me up that she had the nerve to say that to me! I mean come on I was attached to Peanut and I only really been around the dog for a week and only been with her for a day here a day there…I didn’t really know that dog and I was still attatched to her!!!! So don’t tell me that after a few months that I don’t have a huge love for my dog!

Other then that, Her general attitude is what is making me mad. She doesn’t care that her dog was cleared and mine wasn’t.  I was at least concerned for her dog, I at least cared. I guess that I should not be so shocked at her. After all this is the way she is about almost everything….it is always about her....we ARE talking about the same woman who chose a lying scammer over her family even though we had EVIDENCE he was a scammer!! BTW she lost a lot of money because she chose him. Even when my grandpa was in the hospital she couldn’t stop talking about how upset she was that he was in the hospital and how it was this and that about her….she rarely mentioned him unless it had her name in there to. She is selfish and self centered, According to my mother that is not something that had changed over the years.


Nothing I can do except focus on my pup. She seems to be fine right now, but we are not out of the clear (by the doc) for a week and as by me, two weeks from this past Sunday. I would go into the other reason I am pissed off, but I have already bitched about that elsewhere on this site so no need to repeat myself there.

This whole thing has just got me stressed out...between my dog possibly getting very sick, watching another die, and all the other bullshit I am having to deal with I just want to SCREAM!!!


Just got to keep hoping and praying that she will get through this without so much as a dry heave! At least I know what I am looking for with her.

dreamin2183 dreamin2183
22-25, F
Aug 22, 2007