Married But Looking? Wtf?!

Okay, some of us our single. Some of us keep coming across ******* guys, or ***** girls, and are having a hard time finding someone to love. If you are married but looking, why not get a ******* divorce so that us single people have chance? Maybe you're not that compatible with your husband, but maybe I am? And if he's a piece of ****, then why are you staying married anyway? If he's great enough to stay married to, then why are you looking? 

I know situations get complicated, sometimes you are married and in love but this coworker or this person you met online or in a game or on your soccer team or just whatever, that you thought was your friend, you end up falling for them, and you cheat, or your confused, or you're having an affair...I'm not saying it's right, I have never done it, but I can see how it happens! Totally!

But being married and to go out looking for something?! What the hell is that?! Obviously you've moved on enough to move forward with someone else, so just move on! Quit torturing him/her, quit torturing yourself, quit torturing this new person who might fall for you, decide what you want in life and GO for it. Only you can make yourself happy, and if your spouse isn't making you happy so that you're OUT LOOKING for someone else, and not just accidentally fall for someone, well then get a marriage counselor or end it and quit making everyone around you and yourself miserable.

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Yes KNOWINGLY crushing someone like that is so selfish and pathetic and what are they to afraid to let go? They're that afraid of being alone, that they have multiple partners, but they don't realize, in the end, that is what will cause them to be alone! Stupid.

I DON'T CARE whose feelings this stomps on...I HATE CHEATERS OF BOTH SEXES! That is a low as a human can go. Just have enough respect left to move out, get a divorce or tell your spouse, you are NOT happy. But leaving them in the dark hanging, AND then they find out later on and FEEL like such a FOOL for ever loving you, to begin with. grrrrrrrrghhhh cheaters burn in HELLLLLLLLLL

I agree. If you don't love someone enough that you want them to be all yours and not to share, then you don't love them enough to be married to them. Like there aren't millions of others out there you could be compatible with. Yes they're hard to find, but let's just be miserable enough to have to find a replacement for our 'true love' but too lazy to find a permanent one.

both ways are sickinning , even animals don't let let the other males sniffing around their females.<br />
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people like that are total freaks , sharing their spouses like they ob<x>jects .<br />
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human beings are more valuable than that, god made us special and unique from the other beings, why degrade ourselves when worth more than that?

Hmmm that's a way to look at it I guess, if they're both married but looking, then I guess it's just two people with the same views. I just would never cheat on anyone, if you want to see someone else, then why stay? I just don't get it. I could never hurt anyone that loved me or hell even just liked me like that. Being cheated on is one of the most hurtful things I've ever experienced.

Well you've got to give them credit for being a bit honest I suppose. Better than finding out that that 'single' guy or girl is actually 'married but looking', way too far down the track?<br />
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What's amazing is that in this world where there's something for everyone, there's "", and "" and various others dedicated to these people. Do they cause less harm if they're out 'married but looking' amongst other people in the same situation?

I wholeheartedly concur.