My Husband Is Being Such An *******!!!

He says, "do you want to see something interesting?" I go, ok. So he opens a new tabe that isn't ep. It is,

He was offended that I wasn't AMAZED. I said, "that is exactly like Ep." For some psychotic reason it offended him that I wasn't interested. He said, defensively as if the website=him and I just criticized him and not a website, "it is OLDER than EP, it came first!!" I said, "what makes you think that, you don't bother to learn anything about EP ever and you hate it." He said, "well find out, if you even REMEBER how to search for anything!" assuming I am stupid.

It turned into this huge fight. I said, "you are an idiot." anyone that thinks I am dumb is much dumber. It ended in a screaming match and now I hate him and he is holing himself up in the bedroom.

What an *******, he started screaming about NOTHING!!! Just out of nowhere, decides to be a complete ****. The REAL reason is he hates me being on ep for some reason. He is not man enough to tell the truth or open up about anything. I hope he STAYS up there. He is ALWAYS in a bad mood!!! When is he EVER in a good mood!!! And he wonders why I like to spend so much time on ep. Because he gets like this out of nowhere. Seriously what is his ******* problem.

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I like reddit and EP, they're very different.<br />
<br />
Sounds like your hubby is just jealous of you and your EP ;).

It is funny to read this...reddit is now my alternative experienceproject and I love it lol. Interestingly, when I said, "I love reddit because it seems to have become more like experienceproject and less like digg" he said, "I hate reddit now for the same reason." lol

Wow your husband is selfish....mine I would not get selfish just not use to a woman with intelligence when you are evolved past your partner communication can really suck..mine likes to complain A LOT AND ITS ANNOYING.....Sometimes I wonder when things will get better. He would be ok if he made more money and his sister wasn't an old maid whinny pain in the *** who HE DOTES OVER YUK ITS SICKENIINGT...OH WELL SE LA VI

My husband has just told me that when I come out of hospital, for an operation that I have had before and been laid up for several weeks, that he is not cancelling our weekend away at friends but leaving me at home on my own and going on his own. I can barely walk after these operations, let alone shop or cook or look after the animals. Why is he such aselfish arsehole?