Die Heart Die. Mystery Love Find Me.

Where are you?

I wait around for you every day. I am constantly looking for you. I see you in shifting bodies. passing smiles. under hats. in trains.

I sit around and listen to music that i hope you are going to like. the kind that will stop you in your tracks and make you think i have taste and style.

I give until i have nothing left so that you will see that I can give to you.

I have picked our rocking chairs ,and i have your covers turned down on your side.

where are you?

I've sent so many  words to countless strangers no replies came from you.

Sometimes i want to hate you. so i won't crave you.

I blame you for making me the way i am broken. heartless. stained.

I blame you for making me ashamed. weak. pathetic.

but god how i love you.

every kiss behind closed eyes is with you.

when my phone rings my heart sinks for you.

i want to believe you are just shy.

hiding your timid face behind trees.

i try to pull you out of people.

your camouflage is so confusing.

If you could only make me believe your intentions.

If only I believed in retention.

oh the letters i'd write

if you would only reply

i know i don't have to fake it with you

but i lie to myself all the time


chacegreen chacegreen
18-21, M
Feb 15, 2010