Family Drama

I have a cousin me and her have always been very close.We even had our first kids unplanned a week apart.....Now our childern are almost 3.. The past coulple times they have came over we caught their little boy doing bad things to my little boy.How a 3 yr old knows this is beyond me come to find out she is the 4th child they caught him doing this to.She watches two of my cousins kids(this has happened to both of them)and she was going to start watching another kid who is also one of my cousins..I thought it was only right to tell the parent of the kid she was going to start watching what had happened to my lil girl...My cousins husband(who has the lil perv) calls me today and asks for my boyfriend like everything is fine i told him my boyfriend was at work the second i told him that he blew up and started yelling and cussing me saying it was my kid that started it(keep in mind my daughter plays with about 6 other kids and this has only happened with his lil boy)and that he was coming to my house to kick my ***....I understand that kids will be kids but there is no reason in the world a 3 yr should now this...i dont know what to do because we were so close and now this idk what to do!!!



countrygirl0625 countrygirl0625
22-25, F
Feb 22, 2010