Declaration Of A Dramatic War

Today, out of nowhere at lunch time my bestfriend M, and my other three friends blew up in my face and verbally attacked my bestfriend N and I dramatically. It was basically a stupid yelling conversation out in the public to criticized me and N. Last night, I receieved several texts that I'm all these bad words and that theres going to be a fight, also N received a threat from one of the girls. Apparently, the past few months the three of us has been drifting away because I'm busy with family problems, my health, and other things. While N has her own activities and her boyfriend, also there was a big drama last year with N and M because miscommunications. Anyways, She screamed out how I was a compulsive liar and how I would talk **** about her behind her back. She screamed in public where people were looking at me like I'm the bad guy, she repeats how i  put myself as the victim and all four of them met up during the weekend to come to the conclusion that I lied. But when I sat there, my mind was so blank that I couldn't think of what I did wrong. I would never talk **** about my friends and create drama all that stupidityness, but last year we had a bit of a boy drama, over her lying to me about this guy and then she hooked up with him, and I got upset cause she lied to me, and they broke up, and now shes going around telling everything its my fault. But thats not the point of my story, The story is that I have no idea what to do with this. Should I keep quiet? should i apologize?  i take part of the responsiblity for not being with her through times, but these past weeks, its been difficult because i don't know wht to say to her when we sit together because She always talks with the other three friends, and all three of them were like rude B-word at lunch too, but after school they were all nice and said " if you need to talk come to me". UHH? lol no thanks.

I told M at lunch that she was treating me bad because the past few months she freaken PMS on me 24/7 and takes it out on me because of my quietness, but  I'm not going to tell the whole world my family problems and such and when i try to talk to her she freaken hanging out with W. The friend she hangs out with 24/7 now W, feeds her all the influences how Im a bad person, because the things she said today at lunch, were all the words I told all three of them but they twisted everything and made it something I didnt say. For example,  I went to visit my boyfriend in San Diego, and i accidently went futhur and got lost near the border line, so I told one of them, and today M told me I lie about going to Mexico, oh people just to be clear, I don't want to go to mexico its the last thing on my traveling list, well not really, like why would i go there? right? its so lame,

its hard because i spent four years of highschool with the same group of friends, especially those two bestfriends of mine M&N,  and everything that doesn't revolve around school is in another city because my parents are divorced so i have two different things going on. Its senior year and i have a couple of months left until we all depart into our separate ways, but  i don't get it everything was going fine until today. I don't like the way she handled it today, if she had troubles or something is wrong, she could have pulled me aside and talk to me, so we can settled it, but everything got out of hand. While I was sitting there, I completely ignored them because it was pointless to yell, I suck at dealing with drama, because its a waste of time. My friend N was silence next to me and didnt even bother saying anything, I understand her because this is between me and M, but i don't get why the other three girls are in it. Also one of the three girls S called out my friend N, because she heard a rumor that N was talking **** about her, so she was yelling and pushing her down. Which was omg, extremely stupid, so I stopped her, and got yelled. Everything at lunch today was a big mess, and afterward the rest of lunch, all three of them all sat there talking **** in our faces, how M spent four years hanging out with a liar and blah blah blah.

So sorry if it doesn't make sense, but I want you know anyone's opinion in this, thanks for reading


Thislosernameelle Thislosernameelle
18-21, F
Mar 2, 2010