Am I Crazy?

So I'm basically just like every other average 19 year old girl, trying to cope with self esteem issues and searching for a person, mainly relatioship wise, who understands me and likes me for me. Well it seemed that I had found that in my ex. He was so unbelievably perfect at first, or so it seemed, but then again what did my naiive *** know? We started dating and it was just like every other casual relationship that a young person finds themselves in. Had fun hanging out, talking, doing random ****, you know, the norm. He told me he loved me a month after we started dating, was always wanting to hang out and talk, and to be honest it kind of freaked me out. Until... something just changed. Our feelings for eachother seemed to switch around to the point where I was the one who was gaga over him and he acted like he barely ever wanted anything to do with me (maybe i'm exaggerrating a bit here, but still, I'm going on what my feelings told me). I would always call him, text him, want to hang out with him. He always ignored my phone calls or just "left the universe", talking to no one and leaving me in the dark for sometimes days at a time. Maybe he lost interest? Either way I quickly, and out of nowhere I might add, became obsessed with him it seemed.. but all I ever really wanted was for him to love me. I know when the word "obsession" comes up while talking about love and about the wonders that it does between two people, it makes it seem all the more juvenile and basically like a joke. But here I am 7 months later.. sitting here writing a post about the relationship, single, while he's moved on to someone else and I'm still thinking about him daily. I don't know how to get over this.. I've been in other relationships since then, but end up messing them up because I can't get over my ex. I can't continue to go on with life thinking about this everyday. I know I need to move on and quit dwelling on the past, trust me, I tell myself that every day I wake up.. It's just a lot easier said than done.


Please, if anyone out there has had an experience close to this, give me advice..


mediocremargarita mediocremargarita
18-21, F
Mar 10, 2010