It Has Become Obvious I Need To Work On Myself.

Until now I have been fairly content with my life, education and skills. I speak fluent English with proper American accent (it is, of course, not my mother tongue and speaking it fluently in my country is a feat). I received an MA title. Until recently I was in a happy relationship. I have been pursuing my interests.

But I realized I might be getting nowhere with my life. Career-wise I'm at a dead end - I make enough to support myself and get by, but that's not enough. My hobbies are rather consuming, both financially and in terms of time that has to be spent to do them properly. Besides, I didn't work my butt off in the university to make just enough -

So, I've made the decision to educate myself further and generally work on myself. Starting September I'm taking up the gym and a professional accounting course. Also, I'm starting a university course in human resource management and vocational mediacy. We'll see how it goes, but I truly do have high hopes.

So, has anybody been in a similar situation? Did additional experience and schooling help you land a better job? Do such things really make you feel better about yourself?

Thanks for reading.

DuranteAlighieri DuranteAlighieri
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 25, 2010

I totally understand how you feel. I make just enough to not be homeless but not enough to prosper and enjoy all life has to offer. I feel like I am in a dead end too. Education and skill building is the key and if you have choosen your goals ba<x>sed on your passion (what you like to do) it should help you get better jobs with more pay. The economy sucks right now but that should not be a deterent... Life just as the economy cycles and it will rebound and when it does... you will be ready to take advantge of the opportunities. Good luck and thankk for sharing!