The Undeniable Urge.

I need to write. I know i get frustrated and irritated if i do not. Its like food for me now, but with writer`s block, i am feeling very undernourished. (swear words) Yet, the urge is omnipresent and undeniable. I recently started a blog somewhere. I wandered in from nowhere, searching for something to soothe my sentence, and i just fell in. My very first week and a half`s worth of experience was exciting and promised so much, but I ran head on into the wall, thinking maybe i`d have the wings to take off. NOW, i feel that it`s all a waste of time. `Blogland` is a new world for me, and I don`t think i was prepared at all. Guess thats what happens when i leap without looking. I might just rip the whole thing out by the roots, and that would make me sad. Grrr...
BloodRedTotality BloodRedTotality
2 Responses Aug 21, 2007

Ok... If I enter this place with any bitterness, then know it is directed at no one here. I`m frustrated and scared and nervous to be here. Once again, I dont know how to begin something like this, where there are actual people who may actually find that they give a damn. Or at least have good healthy curiosity and interest. Like I do. I keep being impressed with people today, and I am so glad. So, thank you.<br />

Hopefully EP-land will prove a safer home for your writing! The great thing about this venue is you can write just a little, or write a lot, depending on your mood and the subject matter at hand.<br />
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Plus, the experiences can serve as writing prompts.<br />
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And failing that, there are a bunch of people who are writers (as in need to write), so you can always go commiserate with them.<br />
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One thing you might not find here is volumes of praise and feedback. The EP is an integrated community. People reach out to those who reach out to them, so commenting on other people's stuff is very important :)