Writing by far almost more than the spoken word is possibly my favorite form of communication. I can't explain it but I can reach people on a level that I cannot always do with my voice when it comes to my writing. People are often rocked to the core or intrigued by the stance on any given subject or any issue I happen to get rolling on. Add the fact that my birthing difficulties don't handicap my writing ability at all and it is not hard to understand why I have absolutely no hesitation about leaving facets of myself, putting myself at times entirely OUT there on here. Here I can be read, understood and above all felt. This is why I feel I can 'demand' alot of women because of the fact that I lay myself out here in no uncertain terms - the girl or woman in question doesn't need to ask me things for 98% of her questions I have probably answered in several of my stories. My blog as well as my stories reflect a certain conversation tone that does nothing to hide the intensity of the personalities behind the words. So why don't I become an author? Because I cannot write on command, you can't snap your fingers at me and expect me to produce results. If enough understanding souls decided I was worth the time and effort to be known almost intimately by the general public then perhaps I would be inclined to publicize myself but for the time being, EP works as the perfect medium for me to project my voice, my views and my character. Here you can feel every inch of me: from the morals to the principles, the character to the dual personalities, the pain to the joy, the laughter to the tears. It is written here.

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Mar 12, 2010