Hugs In The Morning

every morning for the last month my office manager and i have become close.i love that every morning when she sees me i get this beautiful smile and she comes ove and gives me a hug.i love how her body feels in my arms.the only problem is i"m wife and i haven't been intimate in years.i look forward to my holding her every many thoughts run through my mind when shes in my arms.i take those thoughts home with me at night.i want to take the next step and really tell her how i feel but don't want to scare her for now i take pleasure in what i have
1 Response May 10, 2012

When you manage to climb that mountain you always wanted, you start to look around and you realize the view isn't exactly what you dreamed it would be.<br />
Be careful what you climb, as you only manage to climb one, or a couple of mountains in your lifetime.<br />
Relight the fire with your wife, maybe? You married her for a reason, you know, and I doubt it was a completely arranged wedding.