To Add Variety

Though I'm trying more meatless meals, I'm coming across the same things repeatedly.  Too much broccoli.  Too many pastas.

What I'm interested in most are make-ahead meals, crockpot cookery, and unique, but affordable, meatless meals.

Any recipes would be appreciated!

debmichelle debmichelle
7 Responses May 25, 2008

How bout a simple vegi's only stirfry<br />
you can make it up as you go along put what eva in it<br />
just remeber one main ingredent is oyster sauce and sunflowers seeds to make it crunchy<br />
You have to crisp the sunflower seeds before you cook the rest of the stirfry and then take them out before you add you vegetables and then when you ready to serve ur stirfry add the sunflower seeds :D

I am eating a blooming onion right this second.

Take one fire, add one sheep, marinade and put on spit over one fire. Delicious!

Thank you.

Grind up a cow and pat into a flat rounded patty.<br />
Grill until it stops moving.<br />
Add pickles and lettuce.<br />
Ketchup and mustard.<br />
Squash it between to chunks of bread and enjoy.

Ya take a whole Pig and shove an apple in his mouth and cherries in his eyes.<br />
Cook until tender.<br />
Add 1 gallon of BBQ sauce.<br />
<br />
There you have it. Enjoy.