Wife Exchange Group

i love my wife sharing with here everything but i always miss something SEX

i try to do that by taking " H Girls " but even that not as i like and i want

then ones i meet David from England & Dolphin from Tanzania

Lovely friends in small bar in Dubai he is PM engineer & she is an accountant

We drink a lot that night and it was happy night we takes about life, work & sex I was for business work staying in small hotel that night coming from Abu Dhabi and they were living near to so @ 4 the bar was ready to close when they start insets to invite me for other drink in their house I went with them & we start again drinking I was stop drinking for the last 5 years so I thought I will be very fast drank but now it seems all according to the group you are sitting with after well they start kissing each other I find this is the correct time to move up & went to the hotel but No they told me that they like to be watch when they are doing that so I start watching when they are making that & after 10 M I was ******* hear as well and we make good group it was soothing I never made before so I talk my time “as I was drank” and **** here with all my power .

Next day I was very tired after my meeting so I went to the hotel to sleep I wake up @ 5 pm and I was ******* dreaming about today’s morning I could not stop my self

So I call them and ask them to meet again in the same bar and again all comes to the same but this time they told me I cannot be alone I have to bring someone with me  I find one Filipino girl I invite here for drink with us and we start joking that we will go and have group sex and that what happen all together in the same bad

Since that day I was looking for that and I never stopped my wife recognize after stopping sleep with here that something wrong she ask me way & easily I could not answer here but after two month she could not wait any more she invite me for dinner and all start here

I told her what happen she was in chock how I could do that but there were any way else except tilling here  so I did I thought she will be up sate because I was cheating her but no she was not happy why I did that alone she have also the right to try it

I call David I told him what happen with me and he send my two photo one was Dolphin I know and the other was for euro lady  I call him asking what is that about he told me saying ask your wife witch one she is looking to see here in the bed together Dolphin or David wife’s

My wife chose Sara & since that day we are making this 3 – 4 times monthly

We are looking to make other sex groups with couples    

elias01 elias01
31-35, M
Feb 11, 2010