Amica Mea, Tibi Desidero... Mea Dulcis Timothy

I look at the clock – it’s only 5:20 and I think this day will never end… and I think of the tomorrow that I have to face as well. I just find myself sitting here… even before I am consciously aware of it – waiting for the time when I can talk to you again. I miss you. So much. I long for the time when I never have to be apart from you even though that feels like a distant fantasy from where I now sit.

The sound of your voice makes me feel warm, and loved. Listening to you, I feel like anything is possible. I find myself hoping I can actually live in this happiness I feel with you. I want to be wherever you are, and always. How I love you – and how much I love you seems incredible to me. It makes the thought that I might never have you seem unreal.

My heart flutters when I see your name, even if it is just by chance – even when you are not here for me to talk to. I have such a burning in my chest and, if I let my thoughts linger… I will begin to tremble. When I can finally have your arms around me, I know I will weep… and I hope you will understand. The depth and breadth of my feelings for you feels unending, and encompasses me utterly.
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Sep 24, 2011