You Don't Know How Much I Need You

I'm a almost 24 years old college student. My family since the recession began is having a hard time with the familiar economy, as many people in the world today, and for the last 4 years, I've been going out with my boyfriend.
He is helping me so much to keep going on with a really hard situation, which he's not supposed to know, because his familiar economy it's completely opposite to mine, and my parents feel kind of ashamed of not being able to give us the life we deserve.
He's helping me to finish my studies, and listens me when I'm frustrated. That nowadays it's too often...
I donno if he's aware of how much I need him and how much I really appreciate what he's doing for me, I really thank him, and I donno how to compensate him... but I'll find the way. I promise I'll find it!
litij litij
22-25, F
Apr 25, 2012