Our Love

Your love refreshes me, for you see,
I’ve been waiting a lifetime for thee.
Time is on our side, come on, lets take this ride.
We will discover we met in heaven before,
God is just evening the score.
I love you too babe, you make me so happy
I never thought I'd ever find,
A woman so beautiful as well as kind.
The things you do and words you say,
Are in my heart, every day.
You challenge my mind and make me crave you more
you might be right about that score.
We both have suffered enough,
That much is true, but my suffering ended the day I met you!
Meeting a man like you,
Was something I was destined to do,
I just didn’t know when,
Here you are, shall we begin?
You make my heart and soul sing with your words,
They are the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.
This glowing I feel inside,
It really is hard to hide.
You make me smile,
Come, sit with me awhile.
Let’s share our hopes and dreams,
Maybe God will finally show us what Love really means
Before we met my world was gray,
Now I think about you every colorful day.
Whenever I'm in a bad emotional place,
All I have to do is look at your face.
You have brought sunshine to a world once filled with rain,
I swear since I met you I... have felt a lot less pain.
I asked our God on many occasion, just bring me someone with no guns a blazin'.
Not a mean chick or one who always cried,
I looked for you myself, believe me I tried.
I was losing faith I am not going to lie,
I will even admit there were nights I would cry.
My tears have since been much less,
You have this way of removing my stress.
Our God has blessed us but it's not a road for you so easily traveled,
I hate the days when I start to become unraveled.
Like a child's torn teddy bear,
You stitch me back together with love and great care.
No one single person has ever stood by me like you have Belle,
You see life without you in it now, would be a life in hell.
Here we are, all full of glory,
Surely this isn’t the end to our story.
Years and years will come to past,
Both of us happy our love made it last.
One day soon, we shall sit and ponder,
Life’s great mysteries and all our wonders.
Hand in hand I hope to walk, when we are old and grey,
These things I bow down and pray
So give me your beautiful words, so I may sigh,
Loving you is easy, I don’t even try.
I’d move heaven and hell just to get to you,
Just knowing I knew you, makes life worth living too
I know I'm not alone as long as you breathe,
I assure you sweet Belle I won't ever leave.
If life gets tough for us this time around,
We will stick together so it won't bring us down.
I had been doing this alone for way too long now, just... like you,
That explains why so many days we were feeling so blue.
Being alone can be fun, but not very often,
Sleeping solo is like being in a coffin.
One wakes to the new day and thinks oh man not this again,
Another never ending day with no special friend.
Then you see others who are seemingly so happy
It’s hard not to wonder how the heck they can be so sappy.
Now I understand it because we're two souls in love and sharing a beautiful life as one,
Your love washes over me like rays from the sun.
You're my Moon Goddess; the Chinese horoscope wasn't the only thing that proved it to me,
Because since I met you sweet Belle, I'm as happy as can be!
People will read this; some will even have a tear in their eye,
Belle, please never stop loving me because if you did, I think I would die!

Co written by Yankee Boy and Belle

JustcallmeCurly JustcallmeCurly
46-50, F
Sep 18, 2012