Sometimes That's All I Need

sometimes i get sick. i get sad. i get scared, or lonely. i just need to hear you say those words to me. sometimes i get lost in my own head. i believe the things i think i see and hear. i believe what i've been told in the past. i need you to remind me that i'm not that person anymore. that i'm more than that. that i do mean something. i need to hear it. i know you feel it, i feel it too. but sometimes, just saying things out loud gives them so much more power. power enough to reel me in when i get a little too far gone. sometimes i get lost. like playing hide and seek with myself, and forgetting who's it. i just need to curl up in your lap, to feel safe and sound, and have you tell me that it will all be alright. or just a hug. a tiny peck on the forehead. sometimes it's all i need, and sometimes that's all i want in the whole wide world.
juggalove juggalove
31-35, F
Jan 18, 2011