do I talk to my crush and do something about my feelings and find out for sure or keep it to myself?
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You need to weigh out what you want from this because it sounds like there's risks in this. But sooner or later you're going to have to tell a crush how you feel.

exactly. trust me the have been thinking on thus for months and have been preparing and k ow many different t possible ways to tell h, and every possible way, since I know him well, how he would react

So you are not sure. He hasn't given off signs that he might like you? You only know that you are friends. This has to be totally your call.

oh he may have and that's the thing is I can't tell if he has or not. idk if he likes me

Who could not like you?

oh like I mean in a sexula sorta waym he likes me as a person perfectly fine. at least I think. we have quite the history together really, and a very interesting one at that. not Luke bad interesting at app, nuts still interesting

So you've had a thing for him for quite some time. That's nice that he means that much to you.Maybe if you explained it that way. Wanting to get closer to him. Crushes are hard to gauge.

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Talk to him. You can do it. And if he says no then he is missing out. You got this dude!!!!

hey I'm, yeah I have been trying to figure that put for a very long time now and have considered Ike every possible outcome and all of the different ways I could approach him