Who I Was

Since I`m sick I havent been completely myself.
Like I`ve been loosing pieces of myself along the way. So I decided to remember who I was in hope it will help me to get those pieces back.
So when I`m ok,you know, not in this dark place I`m into right now
I`m fun
I`m kind
I`m compasionate
I really enjoy looking for a new adventure every day
I enjoy being outside, and I would follow you until the end of the world.
I really like to visit new places
I enjoy music so much,I couldnt live without it
On the other hand I`m an awfull dancer and proud of it :)
I love animals
I love tattoos, planning to get more soon
I`m playful
I`m generous
I love, and can fall hard for that one person, so hard I usually get hurt
I`m a good friend, the kind that would do anything for you,that you can call whenever you want and that will always be there to help in any way I can...

So I really wish I can fight this, so I can be that person again, because I really miss myself sometimes.

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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

I hope you find yourself again.. You sound pretty awesome.