My Many Questions...

I find myself asking questions quite often. Why? Because I want to get your response and know what you think. Life is so perplexing, and amazing. This life is an experience in itself. I ask questions to have someone near me, when you answer my questions...I no longer feel alone. I feel like someone understands, even if you do not agree with the question, or you do not get were on the same mind-set as I were when I asked it. Sounds a bit weird, I know...but its all I have. 

I am a very emotional guy, no I don't go off crying or sobbing, or complaining about just hurts me when things are not nice. People being mean, people killing, sad stories. I just wish it all would end. At the end of the day I am asking why? And there is no answer even with an answer. I cannot fathom hurting someone. My body has endured extreme temperatures, physical much I have gone through in my short life. Emotionally, I want to make love to your mind...slowly kissing every nerve and stroking every assertive answer you give me.  Th intellect of everyone is an attractive thing to have in my mind. Sometimes, when I look at people all I see are bones sometimes. I look around at an intersection and realize everyone of us will no longer exist someday. I try to live life to the fullest. I read stories and answers. Life has too many questions to not be asked...
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2 Responses Oct 24, 2010

Oh My Gosh i think i love you, baby you simply amaze me!!

That was very nice but yet sad,<br />
<br />
Be patient!