Her Naked Body, A Story Of 2 Fools

I walked into the hallway, a stranger she let into her home that was lost in her town (5yrs ago). I was a teenager, traveling, partying, living life to the fullest! She allowed me to spend the night, my sincerity I guess allowed me to gain her trust. I woke to water running in the shower in the adjacent room. I walked into the hallway, "Come in", yelled a voice above the running shower head. I looked around, maybe it was from another room...her friend was there as well. "Are you there? Come in...". Again the voice demanded impatiently. I stared at the light peeking below the door....the steam wrapping itself around my ankles, pulling me closer. I opened the door and stepped into the bathroom, closed the door behind me...head still down. "Hey, what do you want for breakfast?". The shower curtain slid backwards revealing her body, nude....in clear view....wet and glistening like a Christmas tree. Inappropriately put for the dialog, but true. My virgin eyes strategically maneuvered every curve and steered along every plain view of flesh. She looked flawless. "Louisiana", I exclaimed. "What? What are you talking about?" she asked whipping her hair in a fashion that made her own image in the mirror envious. I was lost in translation, English language became trigonometry within seconds. I was paralyzed, but my eyes were popping fire-crackers off of her body. She stepped out of the tub, water dripping onto the floor with giggles. "Am I High?" This cannot be happening, she motioned for the towel....I handed it to her from the counter behind me. She wiped the water off, and handed the towel to me as she turned around. What am I to do? I want to respect her, I am not like other guys, they would take advantage...not me. But, being the courteous human being that I am, I felt it was my civic duty as a citizen of the United....oh hell, I wrapped the towel around her! Wrapped my arms around her as she lay her wet hair back on my shoulder. At the time, I didn't even notice...probably didn't even care. My manhood...spoke for itself. Her hands found itself out of the towel as she reached behind her...I felt her tiny hand....at that moment, she Gasped quietly containing herself. Surely, she was a fool to trust me....and I was a fool to trust her. But, we were fools in the moment and it was too late. No turning back, no asking questions, we crossed that line. 

Darkness. (heart beat)

Breathing. (heart beat)

Touching. (heart beat)

the end   :) 
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6 Responses Oct 27, 2010

that was sweet and romantic! it is beautiful to see romance through a mans eye!

Absolutely mezmerizing read, i did not want it to end i thought i was reading a story book, You are a truly gifted man and i love to read your stories, I just wish there was more. It's kind of sexy too. Have you ever thoght about publishing your life story.....wow, i am amazed by you<br />
<br />

cool but warm loved it.... wish more from u.. keep the best ink on the paper.

me and my adventures....i am a poetic guy. i don't do trashy..lol. thank u...

Beautiful.. loved it. I also agree.. not to trashy.

well I have to say you made this very visual. You should be a writer this was very good, bery detailed but not trashy.