I Need Him..:(

I had boyriend and thats my first boyfriend..he is into drugs and this is the main reason that we broke up....i love him so much and every time he got high on drugs i got so hurt ...i tried to convince him telling him that he can smoke weed,drink booze rather doing brown sugar and syringe stuffs when he was sobered but he wouldnt listen to me instead he broke up with me last saturday.....and since then he hasnt spoken to me....he hangs out with my friends everyday and i do get to see him everyday but he doesnt show any intrest to talk with me at all....i dont know what to do....i tried speak to him but he wouldnt answer my call...

well....is there any possible ways to telll him that i really need him and i cannot live this life ...wondering all the time where did i go wrong..
is there any chances that he would come back and tell me that he is sorry for all things he said and take back all those hurtful words that he said to me ....life is getting so meaningless everyday..every morning i wake up telling myself he will come back to me but its not coming yet...iam going mental....i dont know what iam loooking for in this place..
thrashunreal thrashunreal
22-25, F
Jul 21, 2011