The Lack of You Makes Day Into Night

I walk the street it happened on every day hoping by some miracle that you would be walking from the opposite direction. Why couldnt I have been faster at getting you out of there? Why do I feel like without you I cant face life alone; is it because without you theres nothing left to live for? I wish everyday you could have taken me with you no matter where that was. I wish I could write a letter to you that would say all the things I feel but to put into words the pain I feel would make the world weep. I just hope where you are now that you are happy and that one day I will join you and we can make something new out of the old. I love you.... and that will never change

GhostSentinal GhostSentinal
18-21, M
3 Responses Mar 22, 2008

It could be but im sure that was me

I made that up:)......atleast i think I did ;)

Words are the music of life without them we would all be deaf to realtiy so thank you