Inexplicably Bonded!

I love you in so many ways and I need you in every way!

I need to feel your heart
I need to hear your breath
I need to see your face.

I love The way your eyes sparkle and shine
I love The way your face lights up with laughter
I love The way your hands reach for mine

I need you in my life
I need you in my mind
I need your words every day

Your part of my smiles
Your part of my heart
Your part of every thought.

I want your face shining on mine
I want your hand resting in mine
I want your fingers intertwined.

I need your love
I need your I love yous
I need your strength in all I do.

I love your wisdom
I love your mind
I love your insight.

I need you always
I need you forever
I need you with me.

I love you in so many ways and I need you in every way!
Jordangirly Jordangirly
36-40, F
4 Responses Nov 7, 2011

This is absolutely incredible!

Lovely words :)

the beautiful, romantic jordangirly has written her inspiring words again! you make my heart sing, as you remind me what falling in love is, and it is lovely to know you are happy and in love!

Thank you. You are so kind. It is an amazing thing this thing called love!

you found true love...I am happy for you<br />
every thing " that fills us " with real happiness free :...a true love,...a genuine friendship...a child smile.... a breath of fresh air....a bright sunny day....a big shiny moon....a rainbow<br />
we can enjoy it all ...when we are free

Hmmm, you've gotta be more than happy for her. You know the person of whom she speaks, in fact you are intimately knowledgeable of her love!

Lord ..why am I always in trouble...and they gang on me me lord from the b.. beautifuls

I'm sorry sir there is no saving you! Hahaha. It's far too late for your kind.

what a pleasure to find a new *** to kick....I am gona kick your *** badglitzyyyyy

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