Someone Once Said..

Someone once told me to speak. Someone told me that i need to open up, trust them. Someone told me they would be here forever. Someone told me i could tell them anything, not having to worry about being judged or punished. Well, that someone isnt here anymore! That someone left me stranded and alone! That someone lead me to believe i could trust them. Where are you now! I NEED YOU!! AND YOURE NOT HERE!!! I needed you now more than ever, and youve just vanished into thin air!! Was it a lie? No, it cant be....Was it something i said, or didnt say? Someone tells me "I know you better than you know yourself". That scares me! I dint even know who i am, or what i want! But yet, someone can tell every speck of feeling that is in my eyes. Every flicker of emotion that crosses my face. Every lie i tell, every word i speak, someone hears through it. Where is that someone? You left without a word. When i see you, what will i do? Embrace you? Smile at you and walk past you? Or just look at you with the pain ive held inside, showing you what you have missed? Someone once told me to fall, and that they would catch me. Ive fallen, but ive hit the ground so hard, im at rock bottom. Someone, where did you go?............
SilentlyLost SilentlyLost
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 19, 2012

babe i know how you feel. i once believe someone when they told me they would be there for mew thru thick and thin and he just left me alone in the cold world.