Innocent I Tell You !!

All this week and the day before my winter break has been a little tricky for me. Right now I don't know what to do about it.
I am being blamed for a teachers mistake of losing my midterm and couldn't find it til the next morning. Thinking i took it she yells at me until the principal comes (cousins) so he is going to side with her anyway. Since she had some sort of surgery and forgets a lot she probably just misplaced it and didn't know where she put it. I know that I didn't do it due to the fact me being late that day getting my brother to his school and seeing my friends before the school bell I'm finding it pretty hard to believe that I had time that particular teacher doesn't like any of the students and try's to get them in trouble as much as possible (she's not even supposed to teach anyway no teaching permit she is a prison guard ) since the principal is her family he won't do any thing to prove I'm innocent. All she does is yell at the class I'm in its always someone from that class gets in trouble for no reason ! I am supposed to just be happy with it that she was being "caring " and "out of the kindness of her heart " she puts me in In School Suspension for I don't know how many days !
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That sucks horribly.