All Individuals With Tattoos, Please Take My Survey For My Research Paper To Graduate!

Initial Announcement for Survey

As an individual with tattoos, I have always been interested in how tattoos are perceived in the job search, hiring process and while in the workplace. I currently have two tattoos, one of the back of my neck and the other on my lower back, and even though I can easily hide my tattoos, I know this isn’t the case for all tattooed individuals. I am conducting this study to get perceptions of other tattooed individuals. If you would be interested in participating in taking my short online survey, please click on the below link, or send it to someone you think would.

If you would like more information on the study, you can email me at

Stacey J. Magneson

staceym10 staceym10
22-25, F
Mar 13, 2010