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I wrote about my  son getting kicked out of the house where he was paying room rent because he lost his job.  He's been staying with me for about 2 weeks and I don't know how much longer the landlord will allow him to be here.  Last May I "encouraged" my son to enlist in the Army and he managed to fail the requirements twice which killed his opportunity and he really needed the discipline and benefits of being in the military.  He's put in applications ALL over this city and no one will hire him because in his honesty he gave the reason for his being fired as being late.  It's a death warrant for employment.  So this afternoon after yet another NO was plastered on the top of his application I called the Army recruiter and asked if he could possibly enlist again and after checking it is possible now that it's been a year since his failure.  Of course he does not want to go still BUT I told him if all else fails.  If he can't get a job anywhere no matter what he tries or where he goes THEN he should enlist.  I'm not pushing him to be successful or career minded as I did when he was 17 and very very rebellious. He is an adult and can decide for himself how he wants his life to be.  Right now he has nothing and if things keep going like they are for him he will continue to have nothing.  I want more for him than he does apparently.  Maybe he will finally mature and see that he has no other choice but the military because of his work history.  He also REALLY needs the discipline too. I have hopes for him so I'll keep supporting and encouraging him no matter what he does. As long as it's legal and fruitful that is!
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If he dosen't want to be in the military then even if he joins he won't be there long. The military isn't a jail sentence it should be a badge of pride and if you don't want to be there in the first place how will you cope when someones standing over you screaming and making your life hell? I hope it works out for you but getting someone to join the service when their heart really isn't into it never turns out well.