Did Cross My Mind Befor I Found the Lord

I did at one time think about it and i have to say that i was at the point that i didn't wanna live... till the dream that i had about talking children to jesus.... at that time my life changed forever and i have never been the same since... the lord has given me love in place of all the hurt that i've faced in my life time... at a point of a brake down he put me back together, at a time i was about to give up on life he showd me what life is all about, at time of no faith, he gave me faith, at the time of hating myself he showed me apart of me to love, at a time of not caring he gave me a reason to care,,, life is somthing to really think about and i just have sooooo much to thank my saviour for.... he has given so much to look forword to.... and that's life. praise god for he's good...
chosenone2003 chosenone2003
26-30, F
Jun 10, 2007