Its been 2 years since any form of romantic relationship. The only two Ive ever had were met online through friends. I was dropped shortly after we met. Why? Why am I alone? Everyone says Im such a nice guy etc. Then way am I alone? Why do I suffer from the horrible heartache when all these other people have good luck in love? Why is God letting me suffer? Why? I dont understand. Why wont someone like me for once in my life? Why?
DGSteele DGSteele
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1 Response May 10, 2012

I think you should just think that someone one that knows you is bound to secretly love you:) don't let yourself down.

I nearly destroyed a friendship after I wrote this. Whats wrong with me? Lonely and self destructive. It was getting better till a few days ago. I would love to think that but it doesnt help. I need to be loved now.

Well all things in life come with a price...and I guess the price for you is time. I know someone secretly loves you because you are amaingly nice and of course cute:) And if your friren was a true friend you guys will be able to work this out and move on:)

Sorry I have typing issues haha