What Was So Wrong With Me...

Okay -- Here's the story .. 3 years ago I met this guy.. He's 10 years older than me, and very shy. So shy that I was the only person he would talk to. So shy that he asked me out in a facebook message (which I accepted because he had never dated before..)
The relationship moved quite slow. Once again, that was fine. He was new at dating.. But after 3 years, I finally had to break it off with him because he refused to touch me. Like, no hand-holding, no kissing, no hugging... He wouldn't call me on the phone, he would only text me.
Then when I broke up with him, he told me that he didn't understand why I was hurting him!!!
What I was wondering.. Has anyone else ever seen ANYTHING like this? What did I do so wrong?? I've never had trouble getting a man to WANT me before.. I'm not gorgeous or anything.. But lets face it.. Most men are sexual creatures and if you push the right buttons.. Atleast for one evening you can be irresistable. .
I would undress in front of him.. Flaunt everything I had.. and he would just look the other way.
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I was in a relationship like this. Very shy guy, never dated before, kept his hands to himself. He's in his shell, so you need to take him out of it.. directly. A guy like that wants guidance because he has respect for you and doesn't want you to think that he thinks of you as an object. So, if you want to be sexy with him, don't just drop hints. You need to use words like these: "Sweetie, I love you, and I love being with you. I would like it if you touched me sometime. It would show me that you care, and it will be fun for both of us." Usually after simply asking him to touch you he will never be shy about it again.

I remember it took a couple dates to get my guy to hold hands with me, and a couple more to get him to let me kiss him (he would never make the first move until after the first kiss). In order to have sex, it took a lot of patience and guidance. I had to ask him if it was okay if I took my shirt off. At first he looked away (like with you), but when I asked him to look at me he complied. I asked him if he liked my breasts (he did) and if he wanted to touch them. He was very hesitant about touching, so I grabbed his hand and gently caressed by breasts with it. After a while, he took over with both hands. I got completely naked and just stood in front of him for a while, letting him watch me and touch me. I led him upstairs, I undressed him (with permission), I laid him down in bed, I stimulated him, I guided him into me. If it sounds like a lot of work: it was, and I'm not used to taking charge, but I'm very glad I did. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I know how important I was to him that night and that made all the patience worth it. He came out of his shell after that and initiated a lot more in the future. We broke up on good terms. I was his first and he will always have that memory of the girl who showed him how to love.

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baby i am 51 years old just reading and thinking about you makes me swell.looks are imporent . but i like the the hole you

In some ways thats adorable, because I think of that as him respecting you... I could see how that would become annoying.

see, I very much thought, when I started dating him.. That it was an endearing quality.. But then.. After over 2 years of it, I started feeling.. rejected.. Like I wasn't good enough..

I am curious, what did he say when you told him it bothered you?

"This is how I am, Have you ever considered that it is YOU that has the problem?"

Thats too bad, I'm sorry to hear that. I wish you luck with your next significant-other.

Thank you. So far so good with the one I am with now. He's definitely more open.

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