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I have a lot of stress right now.

I've had a lot of stress for five months (since work dried up for me).

I started planning a trip for Europe and then I went from working 5-6 days a week to nothing.

I'm 90% sure I have enough money to do this, but my parents are scaring me with the possibilities.

I hate when people drag you through the mud and then say they're just looking out for you.

I know that something unforeseeable could catch me off guard.

That goes wtihout saying.

But we'll be staying with my friend's relatives about half the time.

The both of us have family all over the continent, so it's not like this is the final frontier.

I have three big projects (one due Friday) before I finish my course.

Very abstract guideliines.

Last week, I started getting shifts left and right at both jobs.

This is the worst possible time for that, because I need to focus on school.

But I can't say no, or the tide will change again.

Crap I'm tired.

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3 Responses Mar 10, 2010

No no...<br />
My friend in the story is a girl. We're traveling together, that's all.<br />

I'm not understanding this we'll... Are you planning on going over seas to meet someone? If so be very careful. My ex did that, she went to england only to have the guy treat her like crap. And he left her alone all the time. I got a call from a hospital over there one day telling me she had tried to kill herselfe. I was in no position to help and I had left her mainly because she was suicidal and it was driving me crazy. I told the hospital I would let her family know and give them a number. I did relay the message. But anyway I'm not going to go on anymore cause I'm not sure what you are talking about anyway.

Hang on. This is just for a short time. All will work out.