I needed you tonight but you weren't there. I needed you next to me to comfort me, I needed you close to me to know you care. This past week I was unusually happy. I had one week of bliss where depression never existed. One day back to my house and depression is all there is. Tonight I needed you because I didn't know where I belonged. I read something tonight that says victims of narcissistic abuse often appear uncertain of themselves, constantly seeking clarification that they haven't made a mistake or misheard something. Confidence may be so low that they have trouble making simple decisions . Did you know that this is describing me? I needed you because I don't know what to do. Family means everything to me but when is it time to let go? Aren't parents supposed to want better for their children? I feel as if every time any of us are doing ok, on the verge of success, they see it as a threat. As if we can't be better than them, we can't do better for ourselves and for them. I'm working hard in school so I can give back to them what they have given me and more. Can't they see that? I needed you tonight because I didn't feel all-right. But it's okay, you don't even know that I love you, how could you know that I need you?
confusionswirlinginmyhead confusionswirlinginmyhead
22-25, F
Aug 15, 2014